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Smiles Program

The Joshua Kahan Fund "Smiles" program is designed to help children cancer patients and their families by briefly taking their minds off of what they are actually going through. Our partnership with Sesame Place has enabled us to take Sesame Street characters into the oncology wing at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Every month, we provide our own form of "Smiles" medicine. Each child receives a visit from the characters along with a personalized picture and a toy to remember their "Smile" that day. The "Smiles" that we have been able to put on the faces of these children are priceless.

In addition to our monthly visits, the Joshua Kahan Fund has also been able to put "Smiles" on the faces of children who may feel too old for Sesame Street. Through the generosity and understanding of the Philadelphia Eagles, we have taken children who can leave the hospital to practices. The kids received a close up look at some of their sports heroes and the players have gone out of their way to make the kids feel special.

During the month of July, we host the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia annual ice cream party. As a kick-off for our highly successful 3-day all-you-can-eat ice cream event at Penn's Landing, what better place to start putting smiles on kids faces than at CHOP. In December, we hold the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia annual holiday party. The Sesame Street characters put on a show in the main lobby and every child in the hospital receives a visit and a surprise from the characters.

Over the years we have expanded our smiles program to include the Chop Prom. This event has been called, “one of the greatest events ever to be brought to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.” All children are invited regardless of age. Dresses and suits are given out and hair salons are set up throughout the hospital. While the kids are readying themselves for the evening the cafeteria is transformed into a ballroom. Walls are covered with magnificent fabric, tables are set and waiters in tuxedos serve punch in sparkling glasses. One by one each child comes down from their rooms all dressed up. They walk down a long red carpet under a balloon archway… stop… “Smile” and have their picture taken. Whether on crutches, in wheelchairs or with their oncology pole at that moment they all had one thing in common… no one was sick.

Making children smile is one of the ways that the Joshua Kahan Fund fulfills our mission. Our "Smiles" program is well received by the children, by the parents, and by the hospital. As we move forward, we will add other initiatives to make the time that these kids spend in the hospital easier. To find out ways that you can help us in our goal of bringing "smiles", feel free to contact us.

Send a Smile

The Send a Smile program is coming soon...

Send a Smile

This is why we do what we do!

Dear JKF,
It was a pleasure to meet you and "Bert and Ernie" at Children's Hospital on Wednesday. It is so wonderful getting visits from folks who put a never-ending smile on the children's faces at CHOP. What a way to break up but yet another monotonous day for the children. I know my daughter loves it. She always asks "Who is coming today Mommy?" What a wonderful way to spend your time, and I know I speak on behalf of all the other parents as well. So thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, and keep on SMILING!!!
I would really like to thank you for helping us put this together on such short notice. We know Chase will surely enjoy Sesame Place it will warm our hearts just to see him smiling and having a good time just as we knew him before we found out about his cancer.
We would like to thank you again for everything in making this happen and just to see Chase smile. When we see him smile it warms our hearts. Thanks again.
Dear JKF,
I'm sending a picture of you kindly giving our daughter a toy during one of the many times we saw you at CHOP!

I remember the first time you came into our room I thought you were so kind and gentle with her I did not know then what I know now about the time that you spend raising money for research. We thank God for every day we have with her. She would not be here today without the exceptional care at CHOP!

Know that your Smiles Program gives many of those sick children a chance
Thank you once again for all of your assistance. Our trip to Sesame Place went smoothly and we all had a blast! My daughter said it was the best day of her life! The last time we were at Sesame Place was the day before she started chemo. So, it was wonderful for her to be able to spend another day and many more there. Keep up the great work that you do for others. You are truly wonderful.
Dear Joshua Kahan Fund,
I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your Smiles Program.

My granddaughter was admitted to CHOP in January of '99. In April she lost her battle to AML, she was 18 months old.

Tonight I was looking at her baby pictures when I came across her picture with Elmo on Feb 11.

It was one of the last pictures we have of her. Although it brought back tears they were tears of joy. I'll never forget the look on her little face that day.

God bless you and your volunteers.
Again thank you for the memories.
Letters from Hospitals

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
"Thank you for bringing Sesame Place here..."

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
"Thank you for such a wonderful event..."
We have met you at CHOP several times in the last 8 months. One day stands out for me when you took my 10 year old daughter Julia's picture with Bert and Ernie. You all had big smiles on your faces when you asked Julia to pick up a stuff animal for her and her brother Thomas.

What you didn't know is this was the day after we had told our 11 year old son Thomas he would soon die from complications of a transplant. You brought such sunshine to a mother and a daughter who were also dying inside. You had also met Thomas in his room on 3 south back in March. You made his day when you gave us tickets to Sesame Street Place. You had also met his then 1 year old brother William running around the hospital room. William is a huge Elmo fan.

We never were able to take our 4 children this summer but look forward to going asap. I'll never forget the SMILE on Thomas' face when you gave us those tickets and the Elmo Key Chains. Thank you for including my other 3 children. Thomas passed away Sept. 11, 2004. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Thomas also had Leukemia (high risk ALL). Thank you for showing us there is life after tragedy.
Thanks for today. Hearing lots of great things, as usual, from kids and families.
LF, his mother and two of his sisters were in our clinic yesterday with pictures they had taken while they were at Sesame Place! I cannot begin to tell you what a wonderful day they all had. It was really the only outing they have had as a family since he was diagnosed back in May. He is now beginning to show some of the symptoms of the cranial radiation but is still talking about seeing the "real" Elmo! Thanks so much.
Please send email or mail so I can learn about the event that you have. You have made my daughter smile twice and it is truly a wonderful thing that you do.