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Meet Josh

Joshua Kahan was a normal two-year-old boy that loved fire trucks, ice cream, horses, cows and his family. On April 21, 1997 Josh was diagnoesd with AML Leukemia. Five very short months later, on September 17, the leukemia took Josh away from us. He was exacatly seven weeks short of his third birthday.

During those five months, Josh had to endure more than any child could ever imagine. He went through countlss spinal taps, CAT scans, bone marrow procedures, blood transfusions, and chemotherapy, not to mention hair loss, raging fevers, mouth sores, and constant belly aches.

Through it all Josh never lost his spirit or passion for life. He demonstrated what true courage and bravery are all about.

Unfortunately it takes more than just courage, bravery, and the will to live to fight this insidious disease.