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Founder's Message

Time or the perception of time is truly a bewildering thing. There are moments when seconds can feel like hours or days like weeks. Then all of the sudden months quickly turn into years and before you know it, in the “blink of an eye”, a decade or more has past.

Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Maybe that’s what gives us strength or allows us the distance we need to get through the most difficult of times. But unfortunately, there is no amount of time or any amount of distance that can fill the emptiness or the hole that is put in your heart when you lose a child. That is eternal and never goes away!

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Meet Josh

Joshua Kahan was a normal two-year-old boy that loved fire trucks, ice cream, horses, cows and his family. On April 21, 1997 Josh was diagnosed with AML Leukemia. Five very short months later, on September 17, the leukemia took Josh away from us. He was exactly seven weeks short of his third birthday. Continue Reading >

Our Dream

Our dream is to help find a cure for pediatric leukemia. We will do everything in our power to make the lives of children with this horrible disease better and to bring a little sunshine into their day and help them smile. We will educate parents and provide information that is useful in your fight. We are committed to the greatest cause on earth, our children. Continue Reading >

Our People

Our Foundation was started by friends and family who wanted to make a difference. It has grown into hundreds of volunteers all working toward the same goal, to find a cure for pediatric leukemia.
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Our Initiatives

Since our inception, we have been on a journey towards helping to find a cure for pediatric leukemia. From our first gift to Dr. Carolyn Felix at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in 1999, we have continued to raise monies that are earmarked to funding research that will ultimately lead to the eradication of pediatric leukemia. Continue Reading >

Our Sponsors

Part of our success over the last decade has been the tremendous support from the corporate community. As a sponsor your company will be gratefully acknowledged on our website.

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